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What is sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness & Self Defense Program?

sdi7 Safety and Self Defense Program and the sdi7 Workouts (Self Defense in 7 Minutes). Programs, seminars, and presentations designed to empower, educate and raise awareness. Providing information, skills, and tools of safety and self-defense. To prevent potential life-threatening encounters and how to survive one. Addressing crime, violence, active shooters, rape and sexual assault. The workouts are designed to reinforce simple, extremely effective life-saving self-defense techniques and fighting skills. Ideal for colleges, high schools, business owners and their company employees, places of worship, groups, conferences, and special events.

Main Objectives in an sdi7 Seminar

  • Provide valuable life-saving information on safety, prevention, awareness, and self-defense.
    Daily habits and behaviors to prevent a potentially life-threatening encounter.
  • Awareness, using your eyes, nose, and ears. Watch, listen and observing habits, behaviors, and actions of others and the environment ie surroundings, fellow students, co-workers, friends, and family members
  • What to do if ever faced with a life-threatening encounter.
    • Denial. Deliberation. Decisive moment. The psychological impact and effect
    • Overcoming the fear of the violent threat to avoid the “freeze” zone (paralyzed by fear) Intimidation ie bigger, stronger, faster, weapons.
    • Every second matters. The Mindset Zones – red, yellow, gray and green. Get yourself prepared with mental and emotional ammunition before a violent attack occurs.
    • Self Defense: What to do. Simple and extremely effective strikes. The most vulnerable target areas.
  • Active Shooter Response: Avoid. Deny. Defend.
  • Accessible weapons of self-defense. What you can use and how to use them.
  • The sdi7 Workout participants can do anywhere (dorm, apartment, at home, in the park, on the beach, and in the gym). Reinforcing fighting skills and self-defense techniques.
    While burning calories, building lean muscle and improving overall strength and conditioning.

Some Facts:

Crime, violence, active shooters, rape and sexual assault will never go away. You must be aware and be prepared.

College Campus Safety

1 in 4 females will be sexually assaulted before she finishes four years of college.(this is only reported incidents. many go unreported in wrongful fear of humiliation and embarrassment). First 3 months of college is known as the RED zone. 50% of rape and sexual assault happens in the RED Zone time period.

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