Complacency may KILL YOU. By Rob Fletcher

Complacency may KILL YOU. By Rob Fletcher

Your BEST Self Defense is PREVENTION!!  BE AWARE! 

  1. Get OUT of the cell phones and headphones. 
  2. Avoid dark, not well lit, unpopulated places.
  3. AVOID Walking close to buildings, alleys, and walkways. 
  4. Walk with a strong posture. Head up, shoulders back. 
  5. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be AWARE!!
  6. If approached by a stranger asking for a light, directions, money, or anything else. Keep a good distance. Avoid allowing them to get to close. Continue with your stride. 
  7. If sense you may be attacked. Immediately put hands up and out front. Aggressively, assertively and confidently tell them to get back while you keep furthering your distance. 
  8. Be armed with a weapon of choice. Know how to use it. Practice. Enhance your skills to use confidently and effectively. Have it with you and ready to go. Especially in isolated or questionable areas or situations. ie steel baton, forked baton, pepper spray etc 
  9. If attacked avoid the RED Mindset Zone (paralyzed by FEAR) Take action (GREEN Mindset ZONE) – Run, scream, yell. Violently Fight BACK and attack. Use weapons at your disposal. Strike to inflict maximum damage to escape the threat.
  10. BE PREPARED! Gain knowledge of safety and self-defense.


About Rob Fletcher 

Rob is a Black Belt, self-defense, fitness, and combative tactics expert. Creator of sdi7 Safety & Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts (Self Defense in 7 minutes High-Intensity Interval Training) For more information visit Instagram: @sdi7HIIT  Email: