Creator of sdi7 HIIT, Rob Fletcher, authors book America’s Next Great Trainer

Creator of sdi7 HIIT, Rob Fletcher, authors book America’s Next Great Trainer

You can be in the your best shape of your life. You can transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. It takes is a commitment, some guidance and direction on how to get there. America’s Next Great Trainer was inspired by his own personal journey as a fitness trainer, martial arts and self defense instructor. Great trainers do much more than sculpt and tone a body, they building the will to win in this game called life. Empowering others to be their absolute very best. The value of a trainer is priceless, the transformation stories are endless. Whether the goal is to lose 20 or more pounds, overcome an injury, achieve an athletic scholarship, build confidence and self esteem, dream of winning an Olympic gold medal, learning self defense and to protect yourself; Great trainers make a difference! They are the greatest asset to a happier, healthier, stronger and safer America. This book will share my story, workouts, advice, tips, and empowering stories of transformation from some of the most respected names in health, fitness, medicine, self defense, martial arts, sports performance, nutrition and motivation.

What some are saying…

“Rob basically took his own soul and put it into my son’s future.” –Skip Quillen Restaurant owner, Pazzo, Chops, Yabba Bar and Grille

“With Rob it wasn’t just about fitness, it was about growing as an individual.” –Loretta Young, Florida Realtor

“I was going through really tough times in school. At home my life fell apart. I learned from Rob that getting knocked down is not the problem–it’s getting back up to fight harder and stronger. To never give up or quit! I cannot thank Rob enough for that!” –Sgt. Ernesto Rancel, Jr., (USMC) Training Coordinator

“Rob, If we had more of you, we would live in a better world. Your devotion, your motivation, your love, your commitment give me goose bumps! I can feel it all, all the way to California!” –Nat Bardonnet, Celebrity A-List Trainer