Florida Stake Relief Society Conference

Self Defense and Fitness expert Rob Fletcher creator of the sdi7 HIIT Safety & Self Defense Program. Speaking to women from the Florida Stake Relief Society Conference. Addressing crime and violence against women and teenage girls (rape, sexual assault, abduction, domestic violence, and murder). Raising awareness through daily habits and behaviors of safety and prevention. What women can do. Things women must know. What to do if attacked. Fighting skills and self-defense techniques. What a weaker person can do against a much bigger, stronger and aggressive attacker. How to mentally and emotionally be prepared should it happen to you.

sdi7 HIIT Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts

To benefit Women’s Shelters in Collier & Lee County (for abused women and children)

Where: Fort Myers Stake Center 3105 Broadway Ft. Myers FL

Website: www.sdi7HIIT.com Instagram: @sdi7HIIT

Contact: Rob Fletcher

Email: sdi7HIIT@gmail.com

Phone: 845-406-5069