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sdi7 Level 1 Certification Overview:

Safety. Situational Awareness. Prevention Guidelines. The Mindset Zones Red. Yellow. Gray. Green Target areas. Where and how to strike Stances and posture


Trainer Objectives: To have a comprehensive understanding of sdi7 HIIT Level 1

Fighting Skills and Drills

Strikes of sdi7 HIIT

Fighting combinations and self-defense techniques of sdi7 HIIT Exercises.

Explosive and Strength Movements and Application of sdi7 Progressions and Modifications

Common Self Defense attacks

Teaching small and large groups

Marketing, Public Relations, Networking, Advertising and Promotion Ideas.

Class breakdown, structure and protocol

Ways to generate additional revenue through seminars, workshops and boot camps.

Cost: $490.00


Training and instruction by Rob Fletcher or high ranking sdi7 HIIT Certified instructor

sdi7 Training Manual

sdi7 HIIT Certified Instructor Diploma

sdi7 HIIT Trainer certified t-shirt

Workouts. Protocols and Curriculums.

Special featured guest from military, martial arts, law enforcement and security agencies.

Trainer listing on sdi7 HIIT social platforms Discounts on sdi7 HIIT merchandise and promotional items

Training and personalized business support

from sdi7 HIIT professionals

sdi7 HIIT Newsletter

Final Exam: Written and Live Instruction

Permission to use the sdi7 HIIT logo