Home Watch Alliance Conference

Rob will be a featured speaker at the International Home Watch Alliance Conference Saturday, November 3 from 1pm – 2pm. An invitation form Diane Pisani, the Co-Founder and vice president at International Home Watch Alliance and President. Karl Gibbons is the Master of Ceremonies. Karl’s partner in G-Team Radio, Carl Gould will also be speaking.

Their mission is set best practices in the Home Watch Industry by training and being a resource to find credentialed Home Watch Professionals. www.yourhwp.com

Diane puts safety and prevention at the top of the list. to educate others, raise awareness. Also providing the knowledge and skills of what to do in should you find your self in a dangerous situation.

sdi7 Safety, Awareness & Self Defense Presentation:

* Safety. Prevention. Awareness advice and tips

* What is your best self-defense

Prevention. Situational Awareness. Pay attention to what is happening around you

* Avoid complacency. It will never happen to me attitude.

* What could a weaker person do against a much bigger and stronger attacker.

Effective strikes to the primary target areas

* Primary target areas

* Secondary target areas

* Most effective strikes

* What is an attack. Verbal and physical.

* Is there a certain type the attacker looks for

* What should you do if attacked

* Pre meditated thoughts and actions.

* The mental fight is more important than the physical skills.

* The Mindset Zones

* Self Defense against common attacks

* Weapons – gun knife KUBATON pepper spray car keys