No more victims. Fighters and Survivors

No more victims. Fighters and Survivors

CBS News New York. Following the Chanukah stabbing, in Monsey NY many have reached out to Rob Fletcher, hosting the sdi7 Safety and Self Defense System Seminar Series in the NY area.

Members are very fearful and want to be prepared to possibly fight back. That means learning proper self-defense, and skills to survive a potential attack.

“This is so important what Rob is doing. It’s amazing! What I have learned from you already is life changing and I can see will save lives” Rabbi Shmuel Gancz Chabad Jewish Center of Suffern

The most common horrific attacks against a knife or machete wielding attacker. This is happening more often. Having the awareness and knowledge of Improvised weapons can save lives. A chair for example

You don’t know what to do!? You can take down the machete wielding attacker. You need to be prepared & aware of what you can do. Immediately take action once the threat is identified. No more victims. Fighters & Survivors

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