sdi7 HIIT Self Defense Basic Strikes. Simple, easy to learn and extremely effective.

sdi7 HIIT Self Defense Basic Strikes. Simple, easy to learn and extremely effective.

sdi7 HIIT Self Defense Basic Strikes and Fighting Skills all women should know.  All woman and teen age girls should have the knowledge of fighting skills and self defense. How to Fight Back! Where and how to strike. Knowing these things will put you out of the category of the perfect victim.

The strikes you will learn in this video:

  1. Forward head butt – nose
  2. Reverse head butt – nose
  3. Thumb gouge – eye socket
  4. Thumb Strike – eyes
  5. Open hand strike – throat
  6. Spearhand strike – eyes
  7. Palm strike – nose
  8. Whipping elbow – nose
  9. Direct elbow – nose
  10. Knee – groin
  11. Kick – groin Attacker from behind
  12. Hammerfist – groin
  13. Heel stomp – top of foot
  14. Direct elbow – ribs
  15. Rising elbow – jaw
  16. Direct elbow – nose/jaw

Safety & Awareness Tips:

Pay attention to these things and put yourself and kids out of the category of being the perfect victim.

  1. Body Language – Strong posture.
  2. Project confidence.
  3. Awareness:Be aware. Pay attention to your surroundings.
  4. Common Sense: ie lock house and car doors.
  5. Jog, travel with a buddy in well-lit public areas.
  6. Avoid late night ATM’s.
  7. Learn the simple very effective fighting skills and self defense techniques of sdi7 HIIT. Know where and how to strike.
  8. Parents reinforce to your kids safety, prevention and awareness. Have a conversation with them, when would it be ok to use self defense and fight back.
  9. Maintain a lifestyle of health, fitness, and weightlifting. Physical conditioning works together with know in self defense. You will look good and feel good. You will be stronger, more energy, and confidence. An attitude of “I will fight back”

sdii7 HIIT Workout – Self Defense in 7 Minutes High-Intensity Interval Training . Combines the skills, drills, strikes, and techniques of mixed martial arts, self-defense, boxing, muay thai, boxing, kickboxing, strength and conditioning, core and abdominals.

The sdi7 HIIT Workouts, Safety and Self Defense programs created by Rob Fletcher. Rob is a black belt, self defense, fitness and combative tactics expert. He has over 30 years in the martial arts and fitness industry. The mission and purpose is to educate, raise awareness, get fit, learn self defense and save lives.  Burn calories, build lean muscle, increase strength. Learn to fight back and torch the fat with the sdi7 HIIT workout.

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