sdi7 Safety & Self Defense Box featured on ABC/FOX TV

sdi7 Safety & Self Defense Box featured on ABC/FOX TV

Self Defense is not an option. It’s a necessity! Valuable life saving information. Crime, violence, active shooter, rape and sexual assault-It can happen anywhere and at anytime. Your BEST Self Defense is Prevention. Be Aware. Be prepared. Have a plan. Know what you will do. Learn simple, yet extremely effective strikes. How to use self defense devices to prevent a violent threat and survive one.

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Our purpose is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools for your personal safety and self protection. The sdi7 Safety and Self Defense box has been put together to empower, educate, raise awareness. Teaching you simple, yet extremely effective fighting skills and self defense techniques. Apply the knowledge, information and skills. This will dramatically improve your chances of never being attacked and surviving if attacked. Don’t be the perfect victim. REFUSE to be the perfect victim.

What you will find in your box:

A DVD or flashdrive, manual, and bifold. This provides very valuable information in regard to safety, prevention, awareness, and self defense. It will also introduce you to the simple very effective strikes, skills, drills and workout of sdi7. Things you can do at home. Practice the strikes to the primary target areas. The sdi7 Safety and Self Defense box also includes pepper spray, sound alarm key ring, short steel baton, expandable steel baton, forked steel baton, door stop alarm, drink test kit.

Stay Fit! Stay Strong! Stay Safe! Always, Stay in the Fight!