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OVERVIEW of a sdi7 Safety, Self Defense, Prevention, Active Shooter Response

Awareness - Using your eyes, nose, ears.

Prevention - Observation - human behavior, surroundings, environment.

Know what to do. How to react. Have a plan.

Who will the predator most likely attack. Predators profile.

Every second counts. What to do in a life-threatening encounter.

Mental and Emotional preparedness: Denial. Deliberation process. Decisive action.

Active Shooter Response: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Avoid (Run.Hide). Deny Access (Lock doors/Barricade). Defend (Fight Back)

The Mindset Zones Red. Yellow. Gray. Green.

Scripting & practicing

Mental and emotional ammunition before an attack.

Pre meditated thoughts and actions

Fear Factor: Intimidation. Bigger. Stronger. Faster. The weapon.

Self-protection devices and weapons. How to use them

Be aware of accessible weapons to block and strike the attacker.

The most vulnerable (primary) target areas

Simple, extremely effective strikes.

What you can to prevent a life-threatening encounter and how to survive one.

Common attacks and self-defense

The sdi7 skills, drills and workout you can do at home

sdi7 HIIT Workout (Self Defense in 7 Minutes High-Intensity Interval Training)

Upcoming Events

Actions Conquer Tragedy Rally for Reagan

Actions Conquer Tragedy Rally for Reagan Banquet and sdi7 HIIT Safety and Self Defense Conference Feb 15 & 16, 2019 at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Columbus.


Friday, February 15 Banquet Dinner at the Renaissance Hotel Rally for Reagan. Joining forces, Micheal Roderick, founder of Embrace the First Step and Rob Fletcher, creator of SDI7HIIT will work alongside the Tokes family to honor the life and legacy of Reagan Delaney Tokes thru this important event. We hope you will mark your calendars to join us and invite family, relatives, and friends for what will be a very impactful, moving 2-day event.

Friday, February 15 6:00-10:00 pm Rally for Regan Banquet Dinner

* Banquet Dinner

* Featured Speaker

* Surprise guests, athlete and celebrity appearances

* Meet & Greet with Photo Ops

* Silent Auction

Saturday February 16 9am-12pm. sdi7 HIIT Safety and Self Defense Conference

Calling Awesome Instructors: an Opportunity to Show Us Your Stuff & Make a Difference.

Participants: Learn Self Defense. Learn how to Fight Back! Sculpt, tone, burn calories and torch the FAT!

* Opens up with Supercharged sdi7 HIIT and Self Defense Workouts.

* High NRGY! Passionate Instructors and Workouts

* Workouts & Classes: Self Defense, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Street Kombat, and Krav Maga.

* Safety and Situational Awareness with Sergeant Jason Stern

* How to use self-protective products correctly

* Special guest appearances

* YogaFit Warrior Class – a great workout specially designed to help with PTSD

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