Safety and Self-Defense Box


College Campus Safety
The perfect gift for college bound freshman girls. Refuse to be the perfect victim!

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What the box includes:

  • Safety & Self Defense manual
  • College Campus Safety advice & Tips
  • sdi7 Safety, Self Defense skills and drills
  • DVD/flash drive
  • sdi7 basic strikes and workout program
  • pepper spray
  • drink test kit
  • short steel baton key ring
  • forked steel baton
  • expandable baton
  • sound alarm key ring
  • dorm/apartment sound alarm door stop

Dramatically reduce your chances of being victimized by a violent attack while significantly improving your chances of surviving one. The sdi7 Safety and Self-Defense Box is filled with life-saving information on safety, awareness, prevention, and self-defense. Learn an attacker’s most vulnerable areas and the simple, yet highly effective self-defense strikes that target them. Gain mental and emotional ammunition by understanding the mindset zones. Get physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to handle a violent attack. The set includes a DVD/flash drive, sdi7 bifold (cheat sheet), sdi7 HIIT manual, and a set of self-protective devices: sound alarm key ring, pepper spray, door stop alarm, short steel baton, short steel forked baton, and an expandable baton.