Rob Fletcher

Rob is an author and speaker with an unwavering commitment to his purpose and mission. A nationally recognized black belt. Self Defense, Fitness, and Combative Tactics Instructor. Certified (CRASE) Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events. Listed in the Who’s Who of Martial Arts. Inducted into the Master Black Belt Hall of Fame. Honored by Action Martial Arts for Outstanding Martial Arts Achievement. Creator of the Safety and Self Defense Program, sdi7 (Self Defense in 7 Minutes), and sdi7 HIIT Workouts (Self Defense in 7 Minutes High-Intensity Interval Training). Author of America’s Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life. 1996 North American Kickboxing Champion, Member of the 1995 World Champion USA Kickboxing Team. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in 1993 through the IFPA International Fitness Professionals Association. Certified IHP Institute of Human Performance – MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach. Certified Master Fitness Trainer ISSA International Sports Sciences Association. Radio Host 93.5 FM NY. Featured on many national media platforms including Good Morning America. His desire and efforts for over 30 years have been to educate and empower others to stay fit, strong and safe. Most importantly, always stay in the fight. Rob is consistent with his teachings and message; “Never give up. Never give in. In this game called life, fight hard fight strong, fight to win. As a world-class instructor to speaker always the workout to life application Total fitness development mentally, emotional, spiritual, and physical. He assembled countless inspiring stories from those he has impacted. He is a motivational leader, speaker and world-class instructor to all – adults, teens and kids. His energy, passion, and compassion are immediately obvious. Dedicated to very worthwhile charities and organizations such as Embrace the First Step, Reagan Tokes Memorial Foundation, Shelter for Abused Women, St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, American Heart Association, Colleen Giblin Foundation, Autism Awareness, Relay for Life, Inner City Youth Program – Harlem NY, Boys & Girls Club.

Michael Roderick

Michael’s has a proven track record of great success in the world of business, financial planning and event coordination. His athleticism and adventurous spirit have presented many opportunities to meet very inspiring individuals seeking an opportunity to become involved in events and challenges that combine their love of the outdoors, physical activity and travel, with their altruistic spirit.These experiences and ideas inspired him to “Take the First Step” by creating www.EmbraceTheFirstStep.org. The mission: Identify and organize athletic events for the benefit of deserving charities while motivating individuals to get involved and create new fundraising opportunities by helping then not only take the first step…butembrace it!”

We have partnered with charities with the goal of raising funds to support their cause. Our vision is to create events and challenges in which individuals can participate, while raising funds and awareness for a variety of causes. Donations are received either directly through our site, or by purchasing T-shirts. Each event or challenge will have a fundraising goal.  As donations are received, our “goal tracker” at the top of our site will show you, our charities, and our participants how much money has been raised for each event in real time. All donations will be distributed in equal shares to our partner charities affiliated with the respective event.

I hope that I can now offer my own experience and guidance to other individuals that have a great cause or charitable organization, but are uncertain about how to raise funds to achieve their goals.

Jason Stern
Jason Stern has been a police officer for 14 years and is currently a sergeant. Jason has been a defensive tactics instructor for approximately 10 years and has taught women’s self-defense classes for the last 8 years. Other roles held during his law enforcement career include SRT member and assistant team leader, Honor Guard member and team leader, bike patrol officer, and field training officer. Jason has a martial arts background in Taekwondo and Jiu-jitsu.

Brandon Fell
Brandon holds a BS in both Business Management and Dietetics as well as an MS in Exercise Physiology, perfectly blending the three pillars of his chosen profession – people, nutrition, and exercise. As a certified personal trainer for 8 years, Brandon has worked with clients of all ages and fitness backgrounds, helping them to safely achieve their unique goals. His personal training fellosophy has always been grounded in a proportionate ears to mouth ratio when working with clients – listening more than speaking.

Daisy Lang
Daisy Lang made history in boxing. She was the First Bulgarian World Champion and one of the PIONEERS in women’s professional boxing in Europe. During that time she competed for Germany because in Bulgaria she didn’t have any chance to achieve her goals. She was two times European Champion and had three World titles in three different weight classes to her name.

Her success in sports made her a popular guest on many TV shows in Various Countries and a frequent subject of German and other international magazine articles. After a successful decade in the sport’s world in Europe, Daisy relocated to Los Angeles to concentrate on her acting career and business. In 2007 she became a member of SAG-AFTRA and has been working in films and commercials, mostly in action roles.

Daisy Lang was also a physical therapist aka (Kinesiotherapist ) who uses her experience as a world-class athlete and her knowledge in the medical field to promote boxing as a way to stay in physical and mental shape. Since 2008 she has been a regular guest speaker for the Rotary Club and supported women boxing in the world as an expert

Scott Yingling
Scott is a Black Belt. Being a competitive fighter for many years, and a collegiate wrestler. Years of training in Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kapap. He has fought and won many tough man contests while studying at Appalachian State University. Later, he went on to train in MMA and fought many bouts in both rings and cages. His true passion in the French Foreign Legion, training Krav Maga with international expert instructor Jean-Paul Jauffret. He is an active military, law enforcement, and SWAT instructor. A certified instructor for the FFL in Close Operational Intervention Techniques (TIOR) and Close Combat Hand 2 Hand (C4). In the Legion, he has been a combat medic, designated marksman, sniper/spotter, sniper team leader, sniper squad leader, commando technique instructor, drop zone observer, explosives monitor, and a jungle combat squad leader. He has completed many training courses on urban, aquatic, jungle, and winter combat. Combat night jump into the town of Timbuktu in Mali stands out as a highlight. Advanced element of the Second French Foreign parachute regiment that drove out Al-Qaeda from the town and later in a larger 14 battle neutralized the remaining Al Qaeda de la Maghreb Islamiste (AQMI) in the battle of Amettiti. He has helped train Krav Maga in the 2 REP for many years. Scott spent the last year as the head Krav Maga instructor for the 3rd French Foreign Infantry Regiment in French Guiana.