The Active Shooter. What you should know. Your options; RUN. HIDE. FIGHT!

The Active Shooter. What you should know. Your options; RUN. HIDE. FIGHT!

With the rise of active shooter incidents in the United States, students and faculty members are highly encouraged to be aware of the policies to follow in order to promote safety precautions in case of an active shooter incident were to take place. (Photo Illustration by Cassandra Nguyen | The Collegian)


Fighter for Good. We MUST Educate. Raise Awareness and Be prepared!!!

We CANNOT become numb to this”  …Robin Roberts Good Morning America

“Rob is really a good who teaches good people how to bad things to bad people”..,,.Gabby Radio Host 104.7 WSGL

Evil exists! Crime, violence and active shooters will never go away! When these tragedies occur the emphasis becomes the political debate these events create. Instead, on what people should do and need to do to be prepared. This is the difference between saving countless lives and losing them – Educate. Raise Awareness. Self Defense. Fight BACK! What we need to do in order to prepare ourselves. Know what you would do before it happens.

What would YOU do? Your stress will be over the top. It will appear surreal. The violent threat scenario will wreak havoc on your mind and cause utter chaos. If you hope to survive such a tragic event, protect yourself and the lives of others you must be prepared. Thinking about it now. Visualize and see yourself responding, reacting and taking ACTION!!!

What is someone supposed to do when faced with the a violent threat such as a potential rape, abduction or active shooter? Most active shootings end in under 2 minutes. NOT enough time for law enforcement to arrive. Be prepared! What action will you take Run? Hide? Fight BACK! A few things people should think about when attacking the active shooter. First, seconds matter. Meaning any distraction to the attacker interrupts their mission which translates to time – saving lives!

You don’t have to be a victim, a sitting duck, waiting for a spray of bullets to take your life and those around you. Recent shootings at the University of North Carolina and Colorado students charged the active shooter. Saving many lives. ‪Unwavering courage, bravery and heroic action.

THE MINDSET ZONES – Violent threats and attacks

Just as important as knowing fighting skills, and self defense is having pre meditated thoughts and actions of what you would do if it were to happen to you. In reality this means you will do whatever it takes to survive. You accept the potential consequences of injury. Possibly death.

Red – Shutdown Paralyzed by FEAR

Yellow – over come with fear. Not knowing what action to take.

Gray – Neutral Stance. Hands up. Assertive position. Assess – What does the attacker want wallet, jewelry, cell phone, car keys. Should it escalate from there ie get win the car or a potential rape or life threatening situation. MUST Avoid being paralyzed by FEAR!

Green – GO! Take Action – yell, scream, run, use a weapon,  fight back!

  1. Know what you will do. Have a plan. Before it happens.
  2. Mentally visualize yourself taking action under intense and extreme conditions.
  3. Escape routes. Know your Exits.
  4. Awareness- eyes, ears, nose. Watch, see, listen, smell. Example: In the office or school and you hear gun shots fired.
  5. Try to stay “GRAY”mindset zone. Neutral. Relax. Quick assessment of what you need and must do immediately.
  6. Active Shooters: The Fatal Funnel – Remember active shooters typically bust through doors in schools, office buildings etc with a fury of bullets trying to kill as many people as possible. The first thing to cross through the door is the gun. If you are on either “side” of the door waiting, once the gun comes through it is your moment to grab, fight and battle for control of the weapon.It takes tremendous bravery and courage. This action can save countless lives.

Criminals use to intimidate, threaten, move, take property or kill. Derives power from the weapon. One an attempted defense is made the attacker loses power and will also be in a life or death struggle

Semi-Automatic has a slide on top of the gun that loads the round, bullet into the chamber in preparation for the next shot. When held, the slide will not function properly likely preventing a new round from being loaded causing the weapon to malfunction.

The revolver has a cylinder, instead of a slide, that prepares the next round for firing. When held, the cylinder will not turn, preventing a new round from moving into place.

The active shooter or violent attack appears surreal. This cause most be paralyzed by fear, known as the RED ZONE.

Many mass or active shooters have little or no experience with firearms. They expect victims to comply, not to fight back or cause interference.

RUN – this should be your first choice if the opportunity to escape is there.

* As soon as you recognize a threat ie hear gunfire, execute your escape plan. RUN to safety.

* Most people will be in the RED Mindset Zone – paralyzed by FEAR.

* When running keep your hands up. Lw enforcement will be checking to see if you are a threat.

* If you come across the shooter run in a zig zag pattern. Move a much as possible. Take cover behind barriers that can stop bullets (steel or cement columns, vending machines etc)

HIDE – if you can’t make an escape find a secure location

* Find a place that is out off the shooters view. If possible a room with a lockable door. If not locatable, barricade the door with table and chairs.

* Turn off the lights. Be as quiet possible.

* Bathrooms, closets.

* If possible dial 911. Let authorities know where the active shooter is in your building.

* If you can’t speak because the active shooter is near leave line open, volume all the way dow. This so the dispatcher can hear what is goin on.

* Don’t open the door. Shooters will often knock on doors asking for help.

Fight BACK! – It takes COURAGE and Bravery. Others will follow your lead. The objective, get control of the weapon. The sooner this happens the more lives will be saved.

* Once you decide to take this fight Back action do it violently, aggressively and relentlessly.

* Look for potential weapons fire extinguishers, chairs, pens, umbrellas, bottles, glass.

* Throw things at the shooter. This can disrupt or force hesitation. While attempting to charge, take down and disarm the shooter.

* Use items that blind the shooter, fire extinguisher or chemicals to the face.

Get control of the “gun”

  1. Redirect line of Fire
  2. Get control of the weapon.
  3. Countersrike
  4. Disarm

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