The sdi7 Safety & Self Defense System Seminar Series launched in New York at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The sdi7 Safety & Self Defense System Seminar Series launched in New York at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Providing preventable solutions and life saving action steps to acts of crime, violence, active shooter, abduction (human trafficking). hate, anti semitism. Educate. Raise Awareness. Teach the skills of self protection and defense.What others can do “before” to prevent a potentially life threatening encounter. What to do to survive a violent threat or attack. Mission: SAVE Lives Featured speakers included Host Rob Fletcher, Brian Higgins and John Caselli. 

Rob Fletcher

Topic: Before. During. After. 

Presenter: Host Rob Fletcher. Founder of sdi7 Safety and Self Defense Systems. A black belt, self defense and combative tactics expert. Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Instructor (CRASE). A former member of the US Kickboxing Team, and 1996 North American Kickboxing Champion. Featured on national radio and tv programs including Good Morning America. Listed in the Who’s of Martial Arts. Inducted into the Masters Black Belt Hall of Fame and Recipient of the Joe Lewis PKA (Professional Kickboxing Association) Eternal Warrior Award.

Description: What to do to prevent a potentially life threatening encounter. How to survive a violent attack. How to take down the criminal, active shooter or knife wielding attacker

John Caselli 

Topic: Gun ownership. Safety. Armed or Unarmed. 

Presenter: John Caselli RGA Security & Investigations. Director of firearms training and instruction at RGA. A 23 year veteran of the New York City Police Department. Firearms and Tactic’s Instructor at the NYPD’s Outdoor Firing Range. His duties included Recruit Training, Tactical Pistol Training, and Re-qualification for In Service Police Officers. He advanced to the position of Special Weapons Instructor where he trained and qualified the ranks of the department including the elite Tactical Units of the NYPD. After retiring in 2016 John joined RGA where he is in charge of the Armed and Unarmed Training and Qualification of Security Guards, Armed Guards and retired Law Enforcement Professionals.

Description: What you need to know about gun ownership as a source for self protection.

Brian Higgins 

Topic: Conducting assessments of your facilities.

Presenter: Brian Higgins Group 77 Security and Public Safety consulting firm and Adjunct Faculty at John Jay College in NYC teaching Emergency Planning, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security. Retired Chief of the Bergen County Police and former Director of Public Safety for Bergen County.

Description: What to focus on so you are prepared for what to do once the shooting begins.

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