Valentines Day. Dating app’s and it’s dangers. Stay Safe!

Valentines Day. Dating app’s and it’s dangers. Stay Safe!

Valentine’s Day upon us, dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble will be spiking with activity next month and unfortunately, they can be a breeding ground for predators.

Just recently, Tinder partnered with a company called Noonlight which is a safety app to implement a panic button in case of emergency. The story recently in the Washington Post

Tinder panic button

This is certainly a positive step in the right direction but is only part of the solution. Women who are using these dating apps need to be prepared should the worst happen. The average national response time for first responders is about 17 – 11 minutes. We all know what could happen in seconds never mind minutes.

All women and teenage girls should know simple and extremely effective strikes to the most vulnerable target areas. Carry pepper gel, sound alarm key ring, install GPS tracking app on your phone. Become aware of improvised weapons from everyday household items (ie: a chair, table, a lamp, etc.).

“What If” The Dangers of dating apps. Prevent a potentially life-threatening encounter.

  • Know what to do if attacked.
  • Top tips to prevent a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Best self-defense if attacked.
  • Self-protection and self-defense devices. How to use them.
  • Patterns and behaviors, warning signs.



  • Notify trusted friends or family members of where you are going (name and location), time expected to be home, the name of who you are meeting.
  • Do some social media research prior to the meeting.
  • Meet in a public place. The earlier time is better
  • Meet at the location. Park in a well-lit area.
  • Be extremely cautious if they walk you to your car if no else is around.
  • Carry pepper spray or gel. Be sure it is easily accessible.
  • Carry a sound key alarm key ring, Be sure it is easily accessible.
  • Download Safety app Noonlight.
  • Be aware of habits and behaviors that may be warning signs.
  • Do not drink in excess.
  • Be extremely cautious leaving the table and your drink. Date rape drugs are very common GHB and Ketamine are tasteless, colorless, and odorless. They cause dizziness, confusion, and loss of memory.


If you find yourself in an attack remember these important things.

  • Run if possible. Find people. A public area.
  • Pull sound alarm key ring alarm
  • Use pepper spray or pepper gel
  • Most vulnerable body parts – eyes, nose, groin.
  • Most effective strikes – thumbs to the eyes, fingers to the eyes, Palm (to the nose) elbows to the (nose, chin, jaw, ribs, solar plexus). Hammerfist (nose, groin), Heel Stomp to the (top of the foot), Kicks and Knees to the (groin, face, nose)

Prevention is your best self-defense. Make Good Choices. Be aware. Be prepared. Know what to do. Have a plan of action should you find your self in a bad situation.