We must educate, raise awareness and be prepared.

We must educate, raise awareness and be prepared.

This is something that will never go away. Our actions must be to educate, raise awareness, and learn how to fight back. Know what to do, and be better prepared.”

— Rob Fletcher – self-defense and combative tactics expert

Rob Fletcher is a self-defense and combative tactics instructor for over 30 years. Traveling the country teaching and promoting safety, prevention, and self-defense. This information you can apply immediately to be better prepared which can save your life.

The ACTIVE Shooter options: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT Back! 

Crime, violence and active shooters will never go away. When these tragedies occur the emphasis becomes the political debate.  The purpose of the information provided is for others to apply immediately for a better chance of escape and survival. Practicing these things as opposed to waiting for certain laws, guidelines, restrictions, systems to be implemented.

It will happen again. A persons reaction will be determined by mental, emotional and physical preparation prior to a violent life-threatening act. Many will go into shutdown mode as the scenario is surreal. This is what we want to prevent from happening to others.

Knowledge. Education. Raise Awareness. Self Defense. RUN * HIDE * Fight BACK!

What we can do right now to be better prepared. The difference between saving lives and losing them will be how we react, and what we do Know what you would do before it happens. Premeditated thoughts and actions you would take.

Ask yourself, what would I do? Would I freeze, shutdown? Be paralyzed by fear? Your stress will be over the top. It will appear surreal, a real-life nightmare. This violent life-threatening scenario will wreak havoc on your mind and cause utter chaos.

If you hope to survive such a tragic event, protect yourself and the lives of others you must be prepared. Thinking about it now. Visualize and see yourself responding, reacting and taking ACTION!!

  1. Know what you will do. Have a plan. Before it happens. Be prepared!
  2. Mentally visualize yourself taking action under intense and extreme conditions.
  3. Escape routes. Know your Exits.
  4. Awareness- eyes, ears, nose. Watch, see, listen, smell. Example: In the office or school and you hear gunshots fired.
  5. Try to stay a  “GRAY” mindset zone. Neutral. Relax. Breathe. A quick assessment of what you need and must do immediately.
  6. Active Shooters typically bust through doors in schools, office buildings, etc with a fury of bullets trying to kill as many people as possible. The first thing to cross through the door is the gun. If you are on either “side” of the door waiting, once the gun comes through it is your moment to grab, fight and battle for control of the weapon. It takes tremendous bravery and courage. This action can save countless lives.

About Rob Fletcher 

Rob Fletcher is listed in the Who’s Who of Martial Arts and Self Defense. Author, speaker, black belt, self-defense, fitness, and combative tactics instructor. Creator of the sdi7 HIIT Workout (Self Defense in 7 Minutes High-Intensity Interval Training).

Educate, raise awareness, teaching others what to do, how to react and how to fight back. When there are no other options you need to meet that violent threat with a ruthless, relentless, unstoppable, violent counter attack. Doing whatever it takes to survive. Remember, the evil predator does not care if you ever see your family, children, loved ones and friends again. Period!